Get to know Apptitude

At Apptitude we have a wide range of skills. In order to immerse ourselves as much as possible, we each have our focus areas - everything from system development to website development and creative identity. Read about us below and get to know us a little better. We look forward to getting to know you!

Two software developers

Mikkel and Tobias have both completed a professional bachelor in software development as well as several years of experience in the subject. Mikkel has previously worked a lot with data visualization and has participated in the development of platforms for maintaining mechanical components. Tobias has worked with system development and integration solutions and has dealt extensively with topics within DevOps. During the time of Apptitude we have, by utilizing each other's competencies, built solutions ranging from system integration to webshops.

We always start a project by collecting requirements and drawing/designing, so we are sure that all parties agree and have a good understanding of the solution. We are big proponents of software design, whereby following standards we design our solutions both before, during and after development. It helps to understand the project both for us as developers and you as a customer, while it contributes to a better understanding of the structure of the solution afterwards; e.g. at maintenance or further development. We know that software projects are not always predictable, and requirements may change over the course of the project. Therefore, we work agile and deliver small chunks continuously in a staging environment, so there is an opportunity to test along the way and modify requirements if necessary.

Picture of Tobias

Tobias is a software developer. He is great at backend development and is passionate about optimizing workflows with technology. When he is not in front of computer, acting out his nerdiness, you can find him along the shore with a fishing rod.

Picture of Mikkel

Mikkel is a software developer. He is great at frontend development, and likes to tinker with hardware, networks and to stay up to date on the latest technologies.

Picture of Sarah

Sarah from Det Lille Design Studio is a graphic designer and concept developer. We have a great partnership. Sarah works with everything from branding and graphic design to visual communication and photography - digitally and in print.

Picture of Viggo

Viggo is the office dog. His primary occupation is to play with his toys and run really fast.

Great excitement for technology

At Apptitude, we do not just want to provide a solution, we want to help your business grow. We are curious and focused on finding the best solution to your problem. It is important to us that our solutions to your problems not only fit your business, but also scale as your business grows.

We develop everything from e-commerce, websites and web applications to system integration and robot process automation - in short, we develop tools that help you run a good business. We see our great curiosity and experience with full-stack software development as a strength, and our ambition is to help you navigate in the growing world of digital opportunities.

Mikkel is on the banana

Let's help you solve problems with technology. We are always up for a talk - call us, come by for a coffee or write us - you can find our contact information here.

We are Copenhageners

Around 20 minutes on bikes (of course) from downtown is a small coworking space. It is located on Strandlodsvej 44, 3. floor on Amager and that is where we live. We have great coffee, cold water and nice meeting rooms. Come by for a talk about how we can help you and your company - we are good at drawing!

At Apptitude we have skills that compliment each other, which benefits us in our daily work.