Measuring application for Arkitex A/S

From handwritten paper forms to online available pdf forms. Digitalizing and automating a manual work process.

Arkitex ordering system dashboard

The solution has been built as a web application that is optimised for both tablets, phones and PCs.

What we have developed:

System integration

Web application

Who is Arkitex?

Arkitex are experts in curtains and solar shading for the professional market, and have more than 25 years of experience. Arkitex has a good working relationship with a wide range of suppliers and are able to deliver products with custom measures and different configurations for their customers.

Arkitex sunscreen solution
Arkitex sun screen solution on a school


Arkitex contacted us as they wanted to optimize their working procedure. The assemblers where filling pdfs by hand and spent a lot of time handling printet paper, that would end up being entered into the computer in the office at the end of the day.

Arkitex ordering system creating an order


We have delivered a system for Arkitex, that allows the assemblers to log in and create new offers or edit existing as well as creating new customers. The system lets them choose different pdfs for order information, which can be filled out on the go. Because of the integration to the assembler is able to fill out all information, merge all pdfs into one file which is then added as documentations in, just by pressing a button.

The solution has been built as a web application that is optimised for both tablets, phones and PCs. It communicates with an API on the server which is connected to The server handles all the heavy workloads instead of the user's device.

This digitalization saves Arkitex a lot of time and they avoid a lot of mistakes as they have to handle less manual inputs.

Technologies utilised:

Express is a JavaScript framework used to build applications on a server - e.g. APIs.
GraphQL is a language used to retrieve data through an API. It allows complex queries and allows you to query specific data so that you only retrieve what is needed in the specific query.
A JavaScript library that uses technologies to update websites without the user intercepting it.