Data sharing server for Attention Group A/S

On premise file server for handling large print files, VPN for external access as well as automatic cloud backups.

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We have set up a server for Attention Group on premise, which allows them to access their files in a common drive at high speeds.

What we have developed:

Data sharing

Server confiugration

Who is Attention Group?

Attention Group offers a full palette within construction, solar shading, flooring, signage, pictures and acoustics and develop their own products. A part of their production includes large print files that they need to be able to access from multiple devices.

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Attention Group needed a solution to gather all of their files in one place, so that everyone in the company would be able to access them. As Attention Group handles a lot of large print files, it was a requirement that the solution would offer a lot of space as well as fast writing speeds. In addition to that, it was a requirement, that the server would run backups continuously, as well as the files should be safely accessible outside the office.

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We have set up a server for Attention Group on premise, which allows them to access their files in a common drive at high speeds. Access rights have been set up based on different users, which allows everyone to store files that not all employees should be able to access. The server runs backups continously both locally and in the cloud, securing precious files. At last we have set up a VPN, allowing them to securely connect to their server on the go - fx when they work from home.

The task was solved using a Synology NAS-server, which was installed with IronWolf SSDs to obtain the best possible writing speeds and durability. We utilised S3, which is a service from Amazon Web Services that is very good for efficient file storage. Therefore, it was very suitable for this solution.

This solution helps Attention Group organize files and share them across the organization.

Technologies utilised:

Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) is a service that provides storage through a web service. The same scalable storage infrastructure is used for the global e-commerce network of
OpenVPN is a virtual private network system (VPN) that allows you to create secure connections.
Synology is a Network-Attached Storage Server (NAS), that can serve as a file sharing center within organisations.