App development

It is not without reason that our name starts with “App”. We like app development a lot and have developed several web apps over time. In addition, we have experience with both native app development and cross-platform app development for iOS and Android. Do you have an idea for an application, do you want to solve a problem, or do you need to automate a workflow, then we are ready with advice and will find the best solution to your specific problem.

App development on a large monitor

Many types of apps

You probably have a good idea of ​​what an app is, but for the sake of good order, we will try to define the word. According to Cambridge Dictionary, the word app means "abbreviation for application: a computer program that is designed for a particular purpose", but what does it mean exactly? In everyday life, we use many different apps for many different things. It can be anything from playing music to calculating quotes and bookkeeping. Basically, an app is a computer program that performs one or more tasks. Depending on the need, the computer program can e.g. run on your smartphone, computer or an external computer that provides the functionality to your computer - also called server and client.

Web application

A web application or web app is a program that runs on a server and which can be accessed via your browser on one of your devices - it can e.g. be your computer or phone. Web applications are very common and are used for many daily tasks. As an example, this notice is written in the CMS Strapi, which is a web application that allows the processing of content for, for example, our website. You may be familiar with similar CMSs such as WordPress, Contentful, SiteCore or Umbraco. Another example is the social media LinkedIn, which helps us keep our professional network afloat.

Technologies we like to use

React Native
App on an iPad Pro

Cross-platform & native apps

If you need to develop an app, you need to decide which platform or platforms to build it for. Depending on your needs, you can develop your app natively or cross-platform. Native apps are developed specifically for an operating system - fx iOS, where you develop in Swift and Objective C. Native apps take longer to develop, as they must be developed specifically for each operating system, however, it is easier to achieve a better user experience and higher performance. If you need to have an app developed for several platforms, it can be developed as a cross-platform app. Since you only work with one code base, the development time is shorter and thus cheaper. However, there is a risk of lower performance, as well as new features from the operating systems may be longer underway.

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Need help?

Do you need to develop an application to solve everyday tasks? Or maybe automate a workflow and eliminate all the tedious tasks? We can help with the development of applications that help you and your colleagues in everyday life. Do you need to digitize a workflow, develop a platform for visualizing data, develop an application that integrates with your other systems, or something completely different? We are ready with ingenuity, creativity and professional sparring.