Websites come in many different types. They often look the same on the outside but can be very different on the inside. Depending on your requirements, we create websites that suit your and your company's needs. Whether it is static, requires a content management system (CMS) or requires that you can build on it yourself (page builder), we will find a modern solution for the modern web.

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Different needs

Businesses have different needs when it comes to online presence. However, one thing is common and that is the good user experience. A professional website is an important channel for your customers. Here you can show what you offer, and reach out to your customers with call-to-actions. It can be a contact form, booking calendar or something completely different.

If you are going to offer these things, a good user experience is important. Studies show that loading times of 3 seconds or more result in visitors leaving the page again. Therefore, Google measures user experience on websites and ranks search results according to a score that is significantly affected by things like speed, responsive web design and content visibility. A result that also greatly affects your exposure in Google search results.

Technologies we like to use

A JavaScript library based on React. Enables you to build very fast websites that are optimized for search engines (SEO).
A JavaScript library that uses technologies to update websites without the user intercepting it.
Strapi is a JavaScript library that can be used to build modern and custom content management systems (CMS), which are used to manage dynamic content on e.g. websites and blogs.
A tool to define the appearance of the website.
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The basics

When developing a website, basic things like search engine optimization (SEO) with metadata, usability, optimization for all screen sizes and speed should be a matter of course. The purpose of a website is in the vast majority of cases to achieve a high conversion, and in the first instance, one must have attracted traffic. Therefore, it is not adequate to have a website where it is only taken into account that it should look smart. Of course, such a website has its price, and if the goal is just to have a website that you can send to others to share information such as phone number and email, there are many easy do-it-yourself solutions and the like for everything from 1,000- 20,000 kr.

We make sure to take care of all the technical stuff, so you only have to think about your content and your business. We take you all the way from web design to a modern website that lives up to modern standards and solves your need.

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The nerdy stuff

As you can read about us, we, Mikkel and Tobias, are two nerds. We love everything digital and we love solving code issues. That is why we are constantly updated on new trends and use new technologies. It is important to find the right technology to solve the specific problem, and therefore we do not want to force technology into the project just because it might work. We are big proponents of building websites "headless" and strongly support static site generation - therefore jamstack speaks to us to a great extent. If there is another need, we will of course find the stack that suits the problem.

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